Please respect the rules of our rifle range

Our list of rules for the rifle range are put in place to keep you and all other gun hobbyists safe. Please observe the following rules when you are using the rifle range:

We offer a safe experience

Follow the rules of the range for a safe experience. We always have staff at the counter in case you have any questions or need to check other firearms before entering.

Safety comes first

Any shooter violating these rules or demonstrating unsafe behavior will be told to leave.

Observe all proper safety rules on the rifle range

In addition to our list of rules specific to the rifle range, you are expected to exhibit a working knowledge of firearm safety at all times. If you are new to firearms or if you simply require a refresher, ask about our gun safety and firearms instructions. We are happy to help!

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Enjoy our rifle range

Safely sharpen your skills

  • Do not shoot a hollow point or a full metal jacket bullet

  • Use only soft point leads or frangible rounds with high-power, high-caliber rifles

  • Do not use handguns in the rifle range; please leave them  at the front counter