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Upgrade your weapon to improve your accuracy. Our gunsmith is available for consultation and application of upgrades. We offer special safety equipment, cleaning accessories and also teach firearm handling  to ensure a safe firing experience.


If you're ready for another firearm, our gunsmith can help you select an appropriate upgrade or assist you with any repairs required. Our gunsmith will ask you questions to determine your preferences, and will then suggest some good matches for you.

Consider our gun accessories

We offer legal, high-quality firearm accessories. Are you ready for a safety upgrade? If you're looking for a gift for a gun enthusiast, consider a new holster or case.

Get ammunition here

We also sell ammunition for most of the firearms that we allow on site.

Brew City Shooters Supply members enjoy a discount

Would you like to get 2% off on ALL accessories? Check out our membership option today. Our gunsmith can advise you about the best accessories for your firearms. Get the right gun and the right training at Milwaukee's largest indoor shooting range.

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