Understand the importance of firearms training

Gun safety is the most important thing you'll learn about firearms. Our one-on-one firearms safety courses teach you how to handle rifles and guns. This helps to minimize the possibility of an accident and prepares you to use our indoor gun range and rifle range.


Our experienced professionals are passionate about firearms and gun safety. Let us teach you how to handle firearms the right way.

We're here to educate you

Our firearms instructors will explain how guns work. We'll show you the safety mechanisms as well as the proper forms. Feel comfortable with an experienced instructor at your side.

Want to carry?

We offer concealed carry classes. We schedule these on demand; so contact us if you have an interest.

Improve your shooting skills

From being a beginner to an expert, you'll find the guidance you need from our firearms instructors. Brew City Shooters Supply offers training and coaching for all levels. We offer basic marksmanship, tactical marksmanship, competition shooting, and more. We charge hourly rates.

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Learn firearms safety

Handle guns properly

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